How To Think About And Develop Life Insurance (II)

Posted by: Joseph Kuo | December 23, 2020

In Part I, we talked about the difference between term life insurance and permanent life insurance. We talked about reasons you would want life insurance, and that with term life insurance, your goal is… Read More

Pitfalls in designing a legacy & choosing trustees

Posted by: Joseph Kuo | February 3, 2020

Dave was a respected physician and able to retire early.  He was living large with healthy income from apartment buildings purchased as a part of his retirement plan. Dave was on his second marriage and… Read More

Dealing with a serious health diagnosis
Dealing with a serious health diagnosis

Posted by: Joseph Kuo | December 27, 2019

Jim told me that he needed me to be his sounding board so he can think clearly and make important decisions that he cannot do it by himself. He has always appreciated the clarity he… Read More

Smashed heirloom
When our daughter broke our heirloom

Posted by: Joseph Kuo | October 14, 2019

Upon seeing the shattered jade sculpture on the ground, my mind flooded with so many emotions it went blank. The sadness of losing a rare antique to the world, guilt of failing to keep the… Read More

Cat collage
Grief from the Loss of a Pet

Posted by: Joseph Kuo | September 18, 2019

Sometimes, grieving for pet loss can be difficult because not everyone around us have pets or appreciate how much a pet is a member of the family. To help us feel better or perhaps to… Read More

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