Dealing with a serious health diagnosis
Dealing with a serious health diagnosis

Posted by: Joseph Kuo | December 27, 2019

Jim told me that he needed me to be his sounding board so he can think clearly and make important decisions that he cannot do it by himself. He has always appreciated the clarity he… Read More

Piggy bank
Health And Retirement Accounts

Posted by: Joseph Kuo | April 3, 2019

Broadly speaking, when we talk about retirement savings vehicles, we mean financial accounts that allow for tax deferral or, rarely, permanent tax deferral (i.e. tax-free). The idea is, since there is a tax advantage to… Read More

Why Everyone Needs an Estate Plan

Posted by: Joseph Kuo | March 4, 2019

Occasionally, I have clients who tell me that they don’t have assets over $10m (or $20m for a married couple) so they don’t need estate planning. There is a misconception that estate planning is primarily… Read More

life insurance
How to think about and evaluate life insurance (I)

Posted by: Joseph Kuo | February 11, 2019

First, let me acknowledge that there are many insurance products designed to address different situations. However, we can generally separate life insurance policies between term-life and permanent-life. As many may already know, term-life is for… Read More

Year End Tax Tips

Posted by: Joseph Kuo | December 12, 2018

Before we get started, let me clarify that most of these options provide more benefits to businesses on cash basis accounting, rather than accrual method accounting. If you are not familiar with accrual method accounting,… Read More

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