The Worst—and Best—Holiday Present

Posted by: Joseph Kuo | January 6, 2023

A few weeks ago, I got a call from Jim, a client of mine who is a successful attorney. Jim had a really great year last year. His firm enjoyed record revenues, and he’d started… Read More

How I Help You Plan Your Uncertain Future

Posted by: Joseph Kuo | November 18, 2022

Financial planning is about way more than getting a good rate of return for my clients. As a financial life planner, you’d think that I spend a lot of time running financial projections, analyzing the… Read More

Stock Options and Equity Compensation: What You Need to Know

Posted by: Joseph Kuo | October 12, 2022

Stock options and Restricted Stock Units (RSUs) are the two most common ways of awarding equity compensation to a company’s employees. From the newest startups to the most well-established tech companies, most will feature some… Read More

How To Easily Make Decisions That Count

Posted by: Joseph Kuo | July 27, 2022

From time to time in our lives, we are faced with having to make a major decision that will affect our lives and futures going forward. Should I take the promotion or quit and start… Read More

Take These Easy Steps For Financial Health

Posted by: Joseph Kuo | July 13, 2022

It seems like when summer time hits, time slows down. The hustle and bustle of the holiday season is still a few months away, taxes have been filed, and family vacation plans are set in… Read More

Here’s an Easy Way To Think About Insurance

Posted by: Joseph Kuo | July 7, 2022

Insurance is a topic that most people tend to avoid and may even find intimidating or scary. However, in modern life, it is an important part of any financial plan to protect yourself and your… Read More

Risk Management: Having The Right Insurance Coverage

Posted by: Joseph Kuo | June 24, 2022

When it comes to creating a sound financial strategy, many people think of creating a diversified portfolio or making sure they’re regularly contributing to their retirement plan. But a good financial plan includes insuring against… Read More

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