Five Reasons to Work With a Financial Life Planner

Posted by: Joseph Kuo | October 8, 2020

Many articles talk about why/when to hire a financial advisor. Aside from the expertise a planner offers, here are 5 additional benefits that a busy professional can gain by working with a financial life planner.  

Time Savings

It doesn’t matter who you are or what you have-time is the ultimate resource. Jeff Bezos or Bill Gates have no more hours in a day than the rest of us. How we make use of that time is up to us.

Interestingly, many people value time inconsistently. I’ve asked many people how much they would charge for an hour of their time. The answers have ranged from $250 to $5,000 for an hour. On the other hand, when I asked how much they would pay to save an hour of time, the answer is frequently around $25 – $50 per hour.

Many smart professionals believe that they can handle their own finances. I agree that financial planning isn’t rocket science. On the other hand, in a busy professional’s life, financial planning activities don’t feel fulfilling, joyful, or productive. After all, if we wanted to, we could build our own car; it’s just not the best use of most people’s time.

As a successful professional, you already need to allocate your attention among work, time with loved ones, and your own interests. Working with a financial planner helps you get some precious time back.

Things Get Done

Connected to time savings is the peace of mind that things are getting done. In my experience, most people tend to focus on getting other people’s things done first before doing things for themselves. Yes, we can take care of our own financials, but it’s usually quite low in our list of priorities. 

Unless you already like working with finances, most people procrastinate getting their financial to-dos done. This can dramatically impact how we reach our goals. Many major achievements we want take progressive compounding of actions/results over time. 

By working with a financial life planner, we find an accountability partner and we delegate so that progress is being made even while we live busy lives.

This is the reason I have my own financial life planner.

Align Your Life’s Priorities

In our busy lives, it’s easy to lose track of why we are doing what we are doing. There may have been good reasons to work the way we do, structure priority the way we did, organize our life the way it is. After a while, it becomes a routine; a pattern that perpetuates itself when our attention is focused on other things.

Your time with the financial life planner is an opportunity to step back and reassess. 

  • What is most important now? 
  • Am I still living my values? 
  • Are my actions aligned with my vision?

A skillful financial life planner can help you clarify your vision and co-design a plan that you will be excited about. Having a grander, long-term vision to what you do everyday is an antidote to burn-out.

Facilitate Conversations with Love Ones

Let’s face it, there is a good amount of stress in everyone’s life nowadays. Talking to loved ones about money and values isn’t easy under the best of circumstances. Now, people seem to get triggered much more easily even if they love one another.

Money intersects our lives in many ways and all of us have some meanings attached to money and wealth. Many of us can easily articulate the meanings we’ve assigned to money. Even then, most people are unconscious of how their perceptions, reactions to others, and judgements are influenced by those meanings. 

Conversations with loved ones can become contentious very quickly when we apply our judgement on other people’s perspective of their world. In those moments, having a compassionate and unbiased third party can be helpful in reaching a collaborative plan.

A skillful financial life planner can facilitate tough conversations and mediate disagreements. Some of the skills useful in this situation include Motivational Interviewing and Non-Violent Communication. Here’s an article I wrote on Motivational Interviewing.

A Thinking Partner

Financial decisions often come in emotionally charged situations and can create conflict between what we actually want and how we think people will judge us. 

To get clarity and certainty that you are making the right decisions for yourself, a financial life planner serves as an unbiased advocate who has your best interests in mind to help you sort through your internal conflict and the emotions. 

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